World Championship 2023 record

Record number of teams in the first day of registration

Note by Ezequiel Re. August 4, 2022.

The biggest championship in the world has already opened the registration. And there were record of teams in the first day. FIMBA received 50 teams from around the world just in the first ours. The 16th edition of the FIMBA Maxibasketball World Cup will be held in August and September 2023 in Mar del Plata city, Argentina.

Mar del Plata will be front pages of news in August and September 2023. It is that the Maxibasketball World Championship promises to become the amazing sporting event. The 16th edition aspires to have 400 teams from 60 nations from all over the planet, both in female and male branches, and with athletes from 30 to more than 80 years old. FIMBA (International Maxibasketball Federation) approved a  FFEMAR (Female Maxibasketball Federation of Argentina) in alliance with Mar del Plata sport events group are the Organized Committee, and the first number indicate that it will be a massive success.

Already on the first day of registration, 50 teams were registered, syndicated as a record number. A city of central tourism in the country, an organization up to the last precedent of the successful Paraná Pan American Championship, associated with the best professionals from the local sports organizations, joined in a team to produce an unforgettable event.

“In 24 hours we brought together 50 teams, it is a total record, clearly in a month we will be in the more than 100, and that is a really very exciting start. In addition, many issues come together, for example: the World Championship returns to the country where the Federation was created (FIMBA) and after 32 years, a World Cup will be held again in Argentina (the first was in 1991). It's like coming home again. And it is also putting the stamp of ending of the Covid 19 pandemic. Although the Pan American was in Paraná and the European in Malaga in 2022, but this is the appointment of the international date for all the countries of the World. It's like putting a finish to that disastrous times of the Coronavirus, and celebrating all together again," said FIMBA's Director of Communications, Franco Zullich.


Headquarters: Mar del Plata
Date: August 25 to September 3.
Female: F30+, F35+, F40+, F45+, F50+, F55+, F60+, F65, F70+
Male: M30+(pre maxi), M35+, M40+, M45+, M50+, M55+, M60+, M65+, M70+, M75+, M80+


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