Blog relaunch

ENG | Welcome to the ultimate version of the FIMBAnews blog. This blog was opened in 2008 -almost thirteen years ago- but in 2010 was replaced by other information technologies.

However, the pandemic has change many things in the world, and undoubtedly communications have also been transformed. FIMBA never stops, it keeps growing and developing. That is why we have decided to multiply the channels of communication, among which the classic news blog direct from the General Secretariat seems an excellent return that joins the several existing channels.

Fresh information about the world of international maxibasketball, from many countries, articles with author's signature and data directly from FIMBA Headquarters, seems a very special way of obtaining specialized and exclusive information.

I hope you enjoy this renewed contact form.

Franco Zullich
Director General of Communication
FIMBA International Maxibasketball

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