Coaching in Eugene

The coaching in Eugene has been productively made and all the goals have been accomplished. The city is all ready prepare to receive all the South, Central, North American and the Caribbean Island teams for gathering the 6th FIMBA Pan-American Championship.

During three days all the topics of the coaching has been discussed among FIMBA and the Organizing Committee in Eugene and Springfield. The event will be held in two facilities which are very close to each other and each house at least three courts. The Opening Celebration will be extraordinary, the level of the organization is excellent and the professionalism shown assures the success of the event.

Photo: Neal Miller, Rubén Rodríguez Lamas, Kari Westlung: President & CEO, Kayla Krempley: Sports Services Manager, Janis Ross: Vice President of Convention and Sports Marketing, and Sue Harshbarger: Senior Convention Sales Manager.

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