Block of Fame

The Veterans Basketball Association of the State of San Pablo has the honor to share news with you about 2 great players and representative founders of the basketball of Brazil: Amaury Pasos and Wlamir Marques whom were chosen to print their hands in the Maracanã Block of Fame, in April 19 2009.

The Gilberto Cardoso Gymnasium, the Maracanãzinho, opened its Block of Fame with the hand printing of rewarded volleyball and indoor soccer players. During the month of April, 2009 numerous medalist stars of the Beijing Games and previous Olympic Games have left their impressions printed.

Let’s now remember the trajectory of the -today maxi players- that were recognized in the Block of Fame:
Amaury Passos, World Bi-champion (1959 y 1963), Bronze Medal in the Olympic Games of Rome (1960) and Tokio (1964), and tetra-champion of South America (1958, 1960, 1961 y 1962).
Wlamir Marques, World Bi-champion (1959 y 1963), Bronze Medal in the Olympic Games of Rome (1960) and Tokio (1964), Bronze Medal in Mexico City Panamerican (1955) and Chicago (1959), and Silver Medal in São Paulo (1963).

“Let’s follow the road of success of the Block o Fame of Maracaná and recognize these athletes that made history in this gymnasium” says the Secretary of Tourism, Sports and Recreation, Marcia Lins

The Gymnasium

The Maracanãzinho was inaugurated in 1954, in the Maracanã Complex with a capacity for 13.613 people. This is a multi use stadium good for the practice of volleyball, basketball, handball, and indoor soccer. Additionally important musicians such as: Chico Buarque, Tom Jobim, Maria Bethânia, Caetano Veloso, Geraldo Vandré y Gilberto Gil have debuted in the gymnasium among many others.

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