Maxi grouth in Cuba

The maxi basketball has been in Cuba for quite a while, and this philosophy of life has been practiced in this country before Puerto Rico became part of the maxi movement. In Cuba this movement was known as Masters Basketball. 

In 2009 Cuba together with Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic have been uniting their efforts playing tournaments preparing for the Prague Championship.  They have been playing games that took place in the Ramon Font court, located in The Habana, Cuba.

This event was organized through the local basketball federation and it was coordinated by the ex member of the national Cuban team, the star Adalberto Rodriguez. 

As the guest country, Cuba prepared 2 excellent women teams composed of highly recognized players such as Leonor Borrell, Odalis Cala, Margarita Scuit, and Ana Gloria among others.  These are very well known players who have participated in earlier Olympic Games as well as international tournaments highly recognized in the basketball family.  

In addition, Cuba has prepared two other teams composed of men in the 50 years old category whom have competed against Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. 

In the women category, the final game was played between Cuba A and Cuba B. The victory was acquired by Cuba A beating Cuba B for 3 points. The final score being 71 - 68. 

In the men category, Puerto Rico won the gold medal in overtime, 75 - 79, and Cuba A won the silver medal, being Dominican Republic the team who received the bronze medal. 

The following offense players have enlightened the game Roberto Rios with 33 points, Juan Jose Hiraldo with 20, and Jose Cheo Otero with 26 points and 16 rebounces.  He was chosen by the participants as The Most Valuable Player of the game. 

The final game was spectacular with overtime ending.  The Cubans gave everything they had and played an amazing game in order to get the Gold Medal, but the Puerto Ricans kept control of the game and ended with the very much desired Gold Medal.

The Silver Medal went to Cuba A.  Roberto La Piedra Simon with 22 points and R. Masso with 16 played a fundamental role in this game. 

The Bronze Medal was given to Dominican Republic where M. Rodriguez scored 23 points and Tony Hiraldo 10 points.  These players played a fundamental role in the game.  It was Tony Hiraldo who scored the last point 7 minutes before the conclusion of the game who would give Dominican Republican the victory.  

This event opens the possibility for Cuba to become part of the World Maxi movement.  In this way Cuba could be considered for future highly recognized tournaments.

Source Rafael Otero, FIMBA President Central-Caribbean.

1- Manuel Cheo Otero MVP
2- Jose “Pepito” Jimenez, Commissioner Cuban Basketball Federation, and Ruperto Herrera Cuba Federation President and Vice-President of the Cuban Olympic Committee
3- Players of Cuba
4- Female maxi
5- Cuba and Puerto Rico.

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