KLAPA BA - Zagreb 2010 and FIMBA

On Sunday November 9th the group KLAPA BA performed an Anniversary Concert for their first 10 years, in the Auditorium of Belgrano, in Buenos Aires city, in the cycle “Croatia in Buenos Aires”. The Concert was declared of “Cultural Interest” by the Buenos Aires City Hall. In the recital performed also: KLAPA Fortunal from Croatia, the tenor Juanjo Cura, the Women Vocal Group Valovi and the string band Bosna.
The event was sponsored by FIMBA and the Organizing Committee of the European Championship Zagreb 2010. The Ambassador in Argentina Mrs. Mira Martinec, Mr. Tonci Vanjac from the Organizing Committee and FIMBA governors, attended the event.
Culture and sport are essential parts of the humankind. Both have the same goal; try to accomplish during the human life an integration of all sciences and activities for teaching, making human being strong and guide the humanity.

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