New approved playing rules

From the next European Championship and in the World Championship, Prague 2009 will start the application of the new approved playing FIBA rules. Will also start the application of the new modifications to the Regulations for Maxibasketball Regional and World Championships, decided by the Technical Committee of FIMBA.
The most important rules modified are the following:

1- In the championships will not be any stipulated general rest day but the ones of each pool and schedule.

2- The incorporation of the categories: female 60 and 65 and men 75, but only in a promotional way until they are officially approved.

3- The art. 12 will be extend regulating the play system between teams of different categories and introduce the sport advantage of the upper categories over the lower categories with a plus of goals:
When one category must play together with the lower one, the games between the teams of different categories shall maintain de result punctuation (2 points for the winner, 1 point for the loser). The upper categories will have the following sport advantage over the lower: a) female category 40 over 35, 35 over 30, and men category 50 over 45, 45 over 40, 40 over 35 and 35 over 30: 8 goals; and b) female category 65 over 60, 60 over 55, 55 over 50 and 50 over 45, and men category 75 over 70, 70 over 65, 65 over 60 and 60 over 55: 10 goals.
In case one category must play with two lower categories the advantage will always be 12 goals.

4- There will be added to the art. 64 special rules for time outs and the adaptation of the new FIBA rule of the line at 8,30 for the elder categories:
The men categories of 60 and over and female of 50 and over will have four time outs per half period, having the right to ask only two per quarter.

In these categories after a foul or a time out, the team attacking will inbound the ball at the 8, 30 meters mark of the opponent side of the court. In case of jump and according the arrow system, the team in charge of the inbound will do it at the 8, 30 meters mark of the opponent side of the court.

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